HowChow Welcome Home Series

One of the crazy things about Howard County (and the BW area in general) is that if you don’t know where to find good food, it’s relatively hard to stumble upon it by accident. There aren’t a few great “food areas” (malls, downtown streets, etc.) like you find in other cities/suburbs – there are pockets of wonderful culinary fun nested all over the place. That’s why blogs like HowChow are so vital to finding and experiencing new restaurants right in your backyard. If you’re new to the Howard County area or just starting to explore the local restaurant scene, then HowChow’s Welcome Home Series is a treasure trove of information to get you started. He covers various cuisines, bakeries, beer establishments, etc. – it’s quite comprehensive and I’ve already picked up a few new ideas for our next eating adventure. Check it out!

Frisco Taphouse to Brew Beer

Great news. Baltimore Beer Guy says that Frisco Taphouse is finally going to start brewing its own beer. They already arguably have the best beer selection in the area, and this will only make it better. Can’t wait.